Solemn Profession 2017

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Congratulations to Br. Brent Bowen, O.P. and Br. Brian John Zuelke, O.P. who made their Solemn Profession yesterday. Below is the video of the Mass of Profession. Thank you to all of our friends and benefactors who made this day possible for our brothers. Thanks especially to St. Pius V. Parish for hosting the liturgy:

Vox Clamantis: Subsidiarity – Magisterium

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As papal encyclicals often include a Catholic anthropology when speaking about Catholic Social Teaching, it is helpful to provide a brief sketch of Catholic anthropology to facilitate an understanding of the importance of subsidiarity in the papal Magisterium. Rooted in the nature of man, prior to any act of the intellect, will, or movement of […]

Vox Clamantis: Solidarity and the Common Good – Magisterium

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Like many elements of Catholic Social Thought, “solidarity” is a new word for an old concept. St. John Paul II noted in Centesimus Annus1 the differing ways of describing the concept of solidarity in the recent magisterium: Leo XIII used “friendship,” Pius XI termed it “social charity,” and Paul VI often talked about a “civilization […]

Vox Clamanatis: Common Good & Solidarity – Patristics

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Catholic Social Teaching is most often expressed contextually. There are foundational principles throughout, but those principles are expressed in different ways depending upon the contemporary situation. Leo XIII was occupied with early effects of the Industrial Revolution in Rerum novarum, and so talking about solidarity related necessarily to the rights of workers. For St. John […]