The Rule: An Ideal?

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Sometimes it is said that a certain bullet-point in the Rule of St. Augustine—the Rule we friars follow—should be interpreted “in its spirit,” not “in its letter.” Frankly I don’t often know what’s meant by these words; they seem whisked over so many un-relatable cases. I do know, however, that what is sometimes meant is […]

Knowing “Alternative Facts”

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  i. A favorite of mine, Ursula Le Guin,—one of the Top Ones writing in English today,—on February 1 wrote a “letter to the editor” piece for The Oregonian, making a goodish stab at a conversation about “fiction” and “alternative facts.” Le Guin is honest, bare. Like terracotta, her writing is what it is: useful, […]

The Apparent Evils Of Manger Scenes And Plum Pudding

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In merry England in 1644, the happy season of Christmas was outlawed by Christians. Puritans rose to Parliament, and the jolly holiday was nearly made into a day of mourning. Plum puddings, as well as fruitcakes, were considered diabolic. All feasting became fasting. The smallest holly wreath or tinsel decoration suggested, or rather manifested, civil […]