800 Year Jubilee

As of today the Order of Preachers officially celebrates its 800th Anniversary as a canonical order. On December 22, 1216, Pope Honorius III issued a Papal Bull, entitled Religiosam Vitam, which approved the preaching band of friars with St. Dominic as an Order.

This Papal Bull marks the birth of the officially established Order of Friars Preachers. With the Order firmly established, St. Dominic sent his brothers across Europe. Now 800 years later the Order around the world is growing and establishing itself, fulfilling the mission and legacy of St. Dominic. In many languages and cultures, our brothers, sisters, and lay members are celebrating the legacy the Order has bestowed on us.

Beginning on November 7, 2015, the Order began its 800th Jubilee Year celebration. Nearly every community around the world has found a way to participate in the celebration of the 800th Jubilee year. Some have had a special Mass, a solemn evening prayer, special lectures given by renowned Dominicans, new Dominican media projects, or even something as simple as a special dinner to celebrate with the community.

Today marks the special day of the celebration. We at PreachingFriars and the brothers in St. Louis want to wish all our Dominican friends, sisters, brothers, and laity around the world a Happy 800th Anniversary of the Order.