Has it been five years already?

You have probably noticed that Preaching Friars has been quiet in the last few days. That is because the student brothers have been hard at work studying for exams. Now that exam week is over, we are preparing to spend a few days away together.

December 14th is a significant day for our community. Sure, it’s the feast of St. John of the Cross, but it is also the day when we moved into our new priory five years ago! The priory building has done wonders for our common life. Fr. Francis wrote about the new building five years ago and much of what he said back then still holds true today. We wanted to feature his post from back in January 2012, so please be sure to go back and reminisce with us.

Thank you to all of our friends and benefactors who continue to make our way of life possible.

In Christ,

Br. Brent Bowen, OP