The Apostolate of the Moon

The Apostolate of the Moon… the apostolate of being forgotten like the Holy Spirit, the forgotten God. 

The Moon has its roots in Latin Mensis and 
Greek men 'month' and also Latin Metiri 'to measure.' 
This is to indicate that the moon has been used to 
measure time, which explains the different phases of 
this earth satellite in aiding mankind before calendar 
was invented. In the similar way, a woman's menstrual 
cycle allows her body to prepare for pregnancy monthly 
when ovulation occurs. 

At nightfall, the Moon dominates the celestial space with its bright light reflecting from the sun.
Miraculously, one can directly look at her without going blind. There is a sense of peace and stillness compared 
to the chaos and busyness during the day. 

Mother Moon or Mother Mary is the channel/conduit of light that shines in the dark but fades away when the 
glory of God arrives in the new day. 

She stands between the eternal Sun and the physical earth at exactly the right distance and axis so as to only 
reflects the Sun's intense rays instead of blocking them. 
The intense graces of God turn bearable through Mary to humans. 

She is so close to her children that they can always go to 
her as man was able to land on the moon but not the sun. 
Her presence is there to remind them of the living Existence, Reality and Presence of God as the moon 
indicates the presence of the sun. 

As the world is sound asleep, her maternal protection is there to safeguard them from all physical and spiritual dangers with the very light of God through her. 

At the 4th Station of the Cross: Jesus meets his mother 
Mary. With teary eyes, I beg Jesus to grant me that eternal and consoling gaze on my judgment day as if He 
is gazing at His own mother. I suddenly felt the 
maternal presence of our Lady behind me, defending me as a faithful lawyer before the just Judge. The Sacred 
Heart of Jesus looks upon the Immaculate Heart of Mary and sees Himself being reflected from Her. 

The Tabernacle, the Monstrance, or the Arc of the 
Covenant is the very Womb of Mary containing her God 
Son. When we console her by making reparations to the 
Queen's Heart, we do so to the very Heart of the eternal King. There is no place in this physical or metaphysical 
realm that He would rather be than to dwell in the 
sinless Womb of His Mother, for there, is his very own 

It requires tremendous love to obey and humble before 
the Lord's Presence even though she is the greatest 

masterpiece of the holy Trinity. The eternal kenosis and 
circumcision of her Heart is the reason why she is full of 
grace because she is full of God. 

If God is the living Presence that eternally forgets 
Himself to give of Himself fully, then we should by all means embrace of being forgotten by the world, even 
those dearest to us, because the forgotten God will never 
forget those being forgotten. 

"Mary already conceived Christ in her Heart through faith before conceiving Him in her womb through the 
Holy Spirit." 

~ St. Augustine