10 Reasons You Should Go To Non Nisi Te

YOU should consider attending Non Nisi Te!


To guide you in making an informed decision, please review the following 10 Reasons to Attend. 

10. Chance to see the inside of the big, red-brick house off I-44 and Grand Ave. 

You have passed by our house, whether it was on the SLU shuttle or when you were getting off westbound I-44 at Grand and wondered, "Who lives there?"   This is your opportunity to meet the residents and see the inside of the house.

9.   Great Praise Music & free parking (tie)

The brothers have been working hard to learn a number of new praise and worship songs, along with some Taize and traditional Dominican hymns.  

As well, where else in this part of St Louis can you find free parking for several hours on a Saturday night?

8.   Join the Dominican friars in celebrating the 800th anniversary of the founding.  

This whole next year will be a major celebration for all members of the Order of Preachers, and November 7 is the first day of our celebration.  We will only turn 800 once, so be sure to be there -- it promises to be an exceptional night!

7.   Quiet Time 

When was the last time that you had 30 minutes of sustained silence, or even 5 minutes?  At Non Nisi Te, you will be able to sit in complete silence and spend some time with our Lord.

6. Opportunity for after the event.

After Non Nisi Te, we all gather in our refectory for refreshments and excellent conversation.  This is a great time to meet new people and to catch up with old friends.

5. Opportunity to join the Dominican brothers for Dominican Compline.

You have not experienced compline, until you have sung it with Dominican friars.  Not sure what compline is? Come and find out!

4. Energetic and transformative preaching.

Br. Vincent will be preaching on "Preachers for the Kingdom."  His preaching promises to be energetic and inspirational.  It also should challenge you to reflect on your relationship with God and how you can grow it. 

Where else will you find that on a Saturday night?

3. Eucharist Adoration

This is your opportunity to chat with Jesus face-to-face.  Perhaps, it has been awhile since you last did that, or maybe you do it regularly, either way, you will have an opportunity on Saturday.

2. Confession

There will be three outstanding confessors here to hear confessions all night.  When was the last time that you went? Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to cleanse yourself of sin. 

1. Where else do you have the opportunity to spend two enjoyable and exciting hours with God?  

We cannot wait to see you this Saturday, November 7, 2015!