Cinema Divinite – Guardians of the Galaxy

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Many people wouldn't think themselves the target audience of what seems clearly like a children's movie: Guardians of the Galaxy.  Those same people would be, in my opinion, mistaken. While not a serious drama or strictly adult action film, Guardians is a movie that appeals to a wide range of people and is a very novel take on a "cult" comic published by Marvel Comics. What it may lack in seriousness and depth, it certainly makes up for as a without-a-doubt amusing and delightful experience. And, especially if one does have children, it would be a perfect movie for a family outing. 


James Gunn directs this movie, telling the story of an unlikely group of heroes - cosmic misfits, to be honest - who find themselves together and become the last bulwark against chaos and destruction. The team is a fantastically dysfunctional group: Peter Quill, a treasure-hunter-cum-social-reject (Chris Pratt) who insists on being called by the pretentious title 'Star Lord'; Rocket, a rejected genetic experiment and hence naturally a hyper-intelligent/pyromaniac raccoon (Bradley Cooper); Gamora, an abducted and tortured human soldier (Zoe Saldana); Groot, a friend of Rocket and vegetable-person with a one-word vocabulary (Vin Diesel); and Drax "the Destroyer" who is from a race whose form of communication is so literal that metaphors are impossible for them to comprehend (David Bautista).  It's an unlikely group, but one that bonds together to save, literally, the galaxy. 


This movie could appear horribly juvenile, but only at first glance. What sets the movie apart is that it understands its limitations and does not attempt to take itself very seriously. This is, in the case of Guardians, the saving grace. Not resorting to cheap laughs, it instead plays on both deep themes in a humorous way and on ridiculous situations in ways that leave you thinking about the relationships depicted. These relationships between the characters slowly develop and move into the center stage, so that what seems like a romp through action sequences becomes a little more substantial, all-the-while leaving you chuckling at the outrageous antics depicted. It is, as was said at the beginning, a great example of an original and creative "popcorn" action movie. 


My Rating: 7.0 out of 10