Dedicating the Order of Preachers to Mary

On the Dominican Calendar, May 8th is the feast of the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the Order of Preachers. I wanted to share the prayer that we pray together on this day each year:


Virgin Mother Mary, with trust we approach you.

We, your preachers, fly to you

who believed in the words sent from heaven

and pondered them in your heart.

We stand close around you,

who are always present to the gathering of apostles.


In you the Word was made flesh, that same Word

which we receive, contemplate, praise together and preach.

Therefore, under your guidance we today devote ourselves anew

to the ministry of the Word.

Furthermore, we declare to you

that, hearing with you the Word within ourselves

and anointed by the Spirit whose sacred vessel you pre-eminently are,

we are consecrated in the name of Jesus Christ

to the evangelization of the world.


With the eyes of your heart enlightened,

you understood the mystery of the Word.

Through you we, too, are able to perceive the presence

of that same Word in the history of our time,

so that we may finally contemplate him face to face.


Through you the Father sent his Son into the world that he might save it.

Through you we will be powerful in the sight of your people,

becoming witnesses to that truth which frees

and of that love which unites.


To this place we have brought our needs and here we ponder them.

Do you, Mother, give us strength and preserve the harmony of our family,

so that what was begun by our profession

may be brought to completion by our love for one another,

for the salvation of the world

and to the praise and glory of God.