So What Canon Law

Where were you on November 27th, 1983?


 Even though Brs. Luke and Jude were not quite born yet, this was still an important moment for each of them.   That's right, it was the date of the latest publication of the Code of Canon Law.  This book contains the laws of the Church known as Canon Law.  Canon Law, no not the rules for operating cannons (though that would be really cool), but the Church's way of governing herself.  In this Podcast, Brs. Luke and Jude talk about how Canon Law works and why it's important for the Church.  And, to help them navigate such an important topic, they are joined by St. Louis' premier canon lawyer (who is in no way connected to the Italian mafia) Monsignor Ramacciotti!  Together they cover the essentials, and they even somehow include aliens.  So download, stream, or otherwise tune in to enjoy the legal side of the Church.  


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