2013 North American Student Gathering

Preaching the Gospel for the salvation of souls is the primary occupation of the Order of Friars Preachers, Dominican Friars. There are friars throughout the world, and organized into provinces, each preaching the Gospel in their own area. But in order to better preach the Gospel there also needs to be collaboration between the provinces, sharing of resources, ideas, and even friars. For the student friars of the United States and Canada this weekend is a time for this collaboration. Hosted at St. Dominic Priory in St. Louis, Missouri by the Central Province and Southern Province brothers, student representatives from the Eastern Province, Western Province, and Canadian Province will be attending conferences, praying in common, and getting to know each other better throughout this weekend.


The conferences will be the focus of this weekend. Each conference will hosted by friars of the Central and Southern Provinces. The presenters are fr. Edward Ruane, OP, fr. Benedict Viviano, OP, and fr. Leobardo Alamzan, OP. Fr. Edward, previous Socius to the Master and Pastor at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Denver, CO, will present on the General Chapter that was held in Trogir, Croatia this summer. Fr. Benedict, esteemed Matthean scripture scholar, will be presenting on the intellectual life of the Dominican Order. Fr. Leobardo, professor of morality at Aquinas Institute of Theology, will be making the closing remarks for the conference. Though the conferences are the focus of this weekend, the brothers from the visiting province will also have the opportunity to explore the sites that St. Louis has to offer; the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, the world’s largest mosaic installation, the famous Gateway Arch (well from the outside because of government shutdown), and of course St. Louis’ favorite spot for religious, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.


It is unfortunate that not all the brothers are present for the conferences that are hosted each year by one of the United States or Canadian provinces, but this year PreachingFriars will be keeping everyone up to date on our website, Facebook Page, and Twitter (follow #opsg13). So follow us and pray for us this weekend as the 2013 North American Student Gathering convenes this evening.