Corporis Christi Meditatio

Charity of Christ


My Charity is not my own,

To purchase I'm not able,

I only know the cross of Christ,

The love at altar's table.


Blood and water all poured out

In overflowing measure:

Reenactment of God's love,

His charity my treasure.


I have a will that loves him still,

I stumble and I falter.

However, I am much convinced

My strength comes from this altar.


There's mingling here of such a kind,

Extraordinary union,

I eat his body drink his blood

Unique, complete infusion.


This poem was used by permission of Sr. M. Regina Fredrickson OP from her book "Mercy Poured: Poetry as Prayer."  Sr. Mary Regina is part of the Queen of Peace Monastery in Squamish, British Columbia (Canada) -- a recent Dominican foundation there and the first of it's kind in Canada.  If you would like to read more of Sister's poetry you can purchase her book via  You can also find out more about the sisters and supporting that mission at