The Hour Has Not Yet Come

How often do we try to rush things?  Maybe we cut someone off in traffic, we complain about how long the line is, a sales clerk tells us that it will be a just a few minutes and we act as if we have to wait days.  There are true emergencies, but much of the time we are trying to make it back home just to sit and watch our favorite TV show or get online for hours.  Do we have that same sense of haste when it comes to our relationship with God?


Today’s gospel from John shows Jesus on the move in secret, yet he continues to speak and preach.  The final lines of today’s Gospel say, “but no one laid a hand upon him, because his hour had not yet come.”  Trusting in God and in His plan for us is not always easy.  It’s not easy because we don’t know what that plan is.  But we cannot go wrong by doing what Jesus commands, by treating one another, our neighbor, as ourselves.  What is more important, watching The Walking Dead or being a safer driver, changing your Facebook status or showing a bit of courtesy to the person behind the counter?


Our hour will come, and when it does what will we have to say for ourselves?