So What? Short: Conclave

Habemus Datam! (We have a date!) On Tuesday, March 12, the Cardinals of the Catholic Church (not of the MLB) will be entering into the sequestered election of a new Roman Pontiff (aka Pope) known as Conclave. Listen as Brs. Jude and Luke give you the run down on what actually happens in Conclave, so that you can be in the know and follow along with the rest of the Church and the World. You can also impress all your friends about your knowledge of this most "secret" of rituals. 

Though this is technically a So What? Short, it will have the feel and length of a regular podcast...sometimes you just need the time to get everything in. Thanks for hanging in there!

Stay Holy!


For info, stats, history, and almost anything else on Conclave:

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Msgr. Charles Burns' book on Conclave (free download):
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By: Kevin McLeod