Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe. (Jn 4:48)

How often do we wish that God would just make himself clearly manifest. Why the seeming cryptic hiddenness? Where is our burning bush? Where is our booming voice from the sky? Today's reading from John has Jesus challenging the Roman official on the reliance on miracles and signs as the basis for belief. Jesus is is pushing all people to understand that faith is not about bowing to a superior power or being amazed and subdued by wonder-working. Rather, faith rooted in love and intimate relationship far exceeds what miracles can accomplish. Faith leads to true life, true living.   A person flourishes in this life not by miracles of healing, but by the joy and happiness that is a result of closeness with Goodness, Being, Truth, Joy: God. The word "Amen" is a declaration of our belief in God, of our relationship with God. 

As we receive Communion, complete our prayers, engage in our Lenten practices, let our Amens resound from our hearts, let them join those our neighbors' so that the world may see the true heart of faith: Life with God.