A King, a Prophet. A Servant, a Slave.

In Today's Gospel we have a mother asking for her sons to sit next to Jesus in His Kingdom. When I think of kingdoms the first thing that I imagine is a king sitting on his throne, being waited on by servants and just sitting back. Yet Christ is of a different royal line, where the king is also the servant, the prophet and also the slave.


So what are we to do? Are we to be slaves?


Christ shows us the way. To be simple servants and to give our lives fully to God and others. To take on mankind's sins? No, Christ has already done that, but perhaps we can simply serve our families and communities, to give of our life to others in the ordinary events that happen today. When the time of judgment comes we will be remembered for how we were a servant to others, not for all the riches or great titles that we had.


So today act as a servant for someone.


Tomorrow B16 will be officially "Pope Emeritus" and the College of Cardinals will soon be meeting to elect a new pope. Let us pray that they accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit and chose a leader for our church, not a king, but a slave and a servant to all.