Loving Our Enemies

After we prayed our bedtime prayers as kids, my sister and I would also ask God to bless our family members, friends, acquaintances and anyone that we had met that day.  My mother also taught us to pray for our enemies. At that time I always thought of people in foreign countries that my own country might be at war with.


But when we grow up we all have personal enemies.  Perhaps it is a coworker we do not get along with, or someone that bullies us around, but I think it is safe to say that we all have/had our own personal enemies.  Most of the time we resent them or wish that they would be nicer to us, or even worse, we wish that something bad would happen to them, to balance the score.  But what if we just thought about them, step into their shoes and wonder how they feel, how they hurt, perhaps how they are good?  Perhaps this Lent we can do that. That instead of hating, we can love and show that by loving we can create a change. Even at the time of his death Christ did not show retaliation towards his enemies.  Let us take up Christ's command in today's reading, let us love and not hate our enemies.