We Deserve Better

Earlier this week, one of the brothers sent me this youtube video put out by a Pro-Choice group to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States. The video typifies a lesson that I learned a few years ago: to people who support abortion and the Pro-Choice platform, abortion is not about a woman’s right to choose.  It’s not about killing babies.  It’s not about equal rights. It’s not about health care.  Abortion is all about sex.  Sex without commitment.  Sex without consequences.


When I was in college, I was active with my town’s local pro-life efforts. I spent quite a bit of time on the sidewalk outside of the abortion clinic praying and talking to women and men who were coming to the clinic for abortion services. In the numerous conversations that I had there, the main reasons that abortions were being sought was because a pregnancy, more specifically a future child, would interfere with career goals, school or other financial responsibilities (Some sources say that these reasons account for 75% of all abortions).  What they were really saying to me was: we want to have sex when and how we want to, without having to accept the outcomes. This video reinforces exactly what I learned then by showing a man speaking to abortion personified as a woman. He doesn’t care about her nor does he care about his responsibility. He only wants it when and how he wants it.


Because of the approach of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I have been reflecting on how abortion is the social issue of our time and how to put an end to abortion in our country.  To really end the tragedy of abortion in our country, we have to do more than reverse court cases or enact laws that make the procurement of abortions more difficult.  We first must work to understand what causes abortion.  A few months ago, PreachingFriars had a blog post that explained the root cause of abortion as a lack of social justice.  To work towards an end to abortion, we first must work to improve and support the lives of women prior to when they conceive a child. We must work to reclaim the dignity and beauty of human sexuality. We must work towards creating a more just and equal society for women and men. Even as I write this, I realize that reclaiming or establishing these values is not an easy thing to do. However, if we can work towards and accomplish these, there will be no need to change laws and court cases because abortion would not be a problem in the first place. The bottom line is that women do deserve better. They deserve better status in our society. They deserve to be treated with their proper dignity. The fact is that until we address these issues, we won’t be able to end abortion. And 40 years later, we all deserve better than abortion.