Cinema Divinite – The Hobbit (Part 1)

It’s rather difficult to start a review, “It was not a bad movie, but….” Sadly, despite having high expectations for The Hobbit, the movie was a let-down in certain important ways. On one hand, you get the typical Peter Jackson treatment of the story, akin to the treatment of the Lord of the Rings stories in his other (fantastic) movies. Vast landscapes, epic and haunting melodies, otherworldly cinematography and lighting, and fascinating characters. However, the fundamental problem that strikes me in all this is that The Hobbit requires a significantly different type of treatment than the Lord of the Rings franchise, despite being part of the same universe. The Hobbit is a story of somebody discovering who they really are, whereas the Lord of the Rings is more an epic battle of good versus evil and concerned with exploration of certain perennial human themes on a grand scale. One can’t merely apply the same formula to both. I get the uncomfortable feeling that it’s like planting a single homely geranium in the midst of the vast Versailles gardens – the setting does not fit even through the flower itself is quite pretty in its own right. Not a bad movie, but....


Of course, despite my esoteric objections, The Hobbit is a good movie – I give it rather high marks for good acting, cinematography, and a fantastic soundtrack. It paints, like the other Jackson takes on Tolkein, a magical world where larger themes are just waiting to emerge. It contains themes that are highly moral and fundamentally influenced by a Catholic mindset, with a power to entrap anybody’s imagination (as the story undoubtedly has done so over the years). I don’t feel as if I need recount the plot in detail, as many are already familiar with it, but it is worth pointing out that this movie is only the first of three parts – the others will be released in coming years. I recommend the movie, especially for those who are great lovers of the Tolkein books; the movie is a faithful and accurate retelling of a lovely story.



My Rating: 7.5 out of 10