I Need a Young Priest and an Old Priest!!!!

Though it is Advent, one need not shy away from a good fright.
Join Brothers Jude and Luke as they dare to enter the creepy depths of exorcisms.....oooooooooOO!
Who knows, maybe you are possessed by a demon and didn't even know it. Or maybe your parents had you exorcised and you didn't even know it!  Listen to find out.
Public Service Announcement:
If you think you are possessed, be sure to check that all other options have been explored...remember, the Church deals with these things with great caution and skepticism.
Also, see Fr. Robert Barron's comment on why exorcism movies fascinate.
Opening music:
Darkest Child
By: Kevin McLeod
Closing music:
J.J. Tigre
Album: Al Rumba


For some further reading:
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