Holy Smoke Br. Luke! It’s Incense!

In this episode of So What? Br. Luke and Br. Jude discuss what has to be the "smokiest" aspect of the Catholic Church, her incense.  Aside from its apparent ninja applications, they explore how this "hot" tradition came about and why your clothes smell so nice after going to Mass.  As always, their banter and factoids come together in the end to show you why you should care.  
So check out this podcast where there's more incense, and less nonsense. 
Some random incense facts:
1) One of the world's largest thuribles is called the Botafumerio (pictured here), and it resides in the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.  It weighs just under 200 pounds is over 5 feet long.  They use it only for solemn occasions, but for a small donation they will let you swing it.
2) According to a study done by the Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, incense is also a psychoactive drug that can relive depression and anxiety.


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