Enter the Podcast….Dun Dun Dun!

Get to know your illustrious hosts, world!
Brs. Jude and Luke spend some time embarrassing themselves as they introduce not only who they are, but what this whole podcast is about. Enjoy their witty banter and impressive intellect as they prepare to embark on the noble quest of uncovering the deepest mysteries of our faith.
To fulfill your earbuds' deepest desires, simply click on the title above ("...Episode 1...") to stream the podcast, or you can download it by clicking on "download" ....easy peasy.
Stay tuned for our next podcast. And until then......STAY HOLY!
Fun random facts of the post:
1) Who knew pretzels were so Catholic?! 
2) The next time a hurricane threatens the East Coast (or whichever coast), pray to St. Médard, the patron saint against bad weather.
Opening music:
¡Qué Paciencia!
Album: Disco Pirata
Closing music:
J.J. Tigre
Album: Al Rumba