Love and Sacrifice – #12

"Love and Sacrifice" pairs together two ideas often divorced from one another in our culture. But love is not at its core about fuzzy feelings or snogging. Rather it's about giving of ourselves. To give the very best of ourselves we need not only love but obedience.

Here is a list of the videos:
(1) Magic and Morality - magic and sin
(2) Pride and Prejudice - pride, magic, and how to read the HP books
(3) Be All That You Can Be - virtue part 1, courage
(4) Practically Perfect in Every Way - virtue part 2, the unity of the virtues
(5) Who Will Free Us...? - Jesus Christ part 1
(6) What Wonderous Love - Jesus Christ part 2
(7) I believe in... - Faith part 1 - what is faith?, the three aspects of divine faith
(8) A Life of Faith - Faith part 2 - doubt and faith
(9) Saved By Hope - Hope and resurrection
(10) All You Need is Love - Love part 1 - non-supernatural love, how it works
(11) Love Divine, All Loves Excelling - Love part 2 - supernatural and divine love
(12) Love and Sacrifice - Love part 3 - relationship between love, sacrifice, and obedience

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