The New Evangelization and the New Media

We as Friars Preachers have long discussed and grappled with the questions of how to preach, especially through the new media, in our contemporary society. We have tried to heed the call of John Paul II and Benedict XVI for all to embrace and engage in the new evangelization. How do we engage the great philosophical questions and challenges posed by our society today? What are people yearning for? What do people need to hear? How do we speak to the world today? How do we utilize the internet and new technology to proclaim the Gospel?


In our preaching class "Preaching in an Age of New Media," we watched a video that that has greatly inspired me in this regard. It is a talk given by Fr. Robert Barron (rector at Mundelein Seminary, writer and creator the Catholicism series) on June 27, 2012 at Notre Dame. He was asked to give an address on The New Evangelization and the New Media at their Preaching Conference. (Though a bit lengthy, I encourage you to watch the whole talk.)


I feel Fr. Barron's talk has powerfully and remarkably captured the challenge, as well as provided an intelligent and engaging commentary on how to address it. Moreover, I feel he provides for us a spirituality of preaching rooted in humility, obedience, and confidence in God and in the faith. He is an effective and inspiring model of not only how to effectively preach and evangelize in the contemporary world. He captures, in my estimation, a facet of the Dominican spirit for the contemporary age.


There is much truth and wisdom behind his remarks, and I feel drawn to its power and moved to be a better Dominican. I hope that they too move, inspire, and give you courage and hope as they did me.


If you wish to hear more from Fr. Barron, check out his website: