Theology on Deck: God and Baseball

"[Baseball] reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again." 

It would seem that baseball and theology are diametrically opposed interests. As students of philosophy and theology, it is fairly easy to get lost in a world of thought, theory, and conjecture. As fans of baseball, it is fairly easy to get lost in a world of stats, inexplicable player development and decline, and the agony of a hung breaking ball.


However, virtue exists in both the study of our Heavenly Father and his divine revelation and the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of America's past time. Whether it be the return of the repentant sinner or the uninhibited (and unfounded) joy of a Cubs fan in April, spes aeternum oritur  ("hope springs eternal").


Over the course of the baseball season, Br. Wesley, a Twins fan and baseball encyclopedia, and Br. Patrick, a Cardinals fan and former aspiring baseball journalist, will explore the relationship between God and baseball. Our hope is that our love of God and baseball will help to shed light on both subjects for all people.


Once the season starts, we will be posting weekly blogs and webcasts exploring how this season, in all of its wonderful chaos, helps us to better know God.