39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Today we as a nation live in the fatal shadow of Roe vs. Wade, now 39 years old.  This infamous Supreme Court decision universally legalized by judicial fiat the practice of abortion in the first trimester, with subsequent decisions making any restriction on abortion nearly impossible.  The Church has been commissioned by Christ, who took flesh in the womb of Mary, to preach the Gospel to a fallen world.  All the members of Christ’s body have an obligation to promote a culture of life and preaching has a special place in this effort.


One common defense of abortion is to claim that every child born should be a wanted child, and this is absolutely correct.  Sadly there are children who are unwanted but the solution to that problem is not their destruction in the womb but an increase in our love.  And for this, preaching is essential.  How can people love others if they do not believe they are loved?  “We love, because he first loved us,” says St. John (1 John 4:19).  Faithful preaching of God’s love gives hope to the despairing, courage to the fearful, and healing to the broken.  May our words and deeds bring the light of Christ into the valley of the shadow of death.