Welcome Home

“Welcome Home!”  This is the greeting that we have been receiving from visitors, the movers, the food service, the construction workers, and from everyone involved with the move in any way.  Our first night at St. Dominic Priory was December 15th.  About a week before we began the packing and cleaning process.  We packed and cleaned our own rooms, but also the common rooms, the chapels, the laundry room, and the hallways.  On the 13th and 14th the movers made continuous runs from Jesuit Hall to St. Dominic Priory from early in the morning until late at night.  Our final Conventual Mass at Jesuit Hall was on the morning of the 14th and concluded with the chanting of the Salva Regina, marking an end to our 30 years at Jesuit Hall.


On the evening of the 15th was the first Conventual Mass at St. Dominic Priory in the temporary chapel.  Although the cloister and common areas of the priory are completed, the chapel will be under construction and renovation until the end of January and choir stalls should be in place by August 2012.

Life at St. Dominic Priory is great!  There is a true cloister where silence can be observed, there is an actual chapel, a spacious library with workspaces, a private outdoor space, and most importantly an authentic Dominican atmosphere that will allow us to truly make St. Dominic Priory a Holy Preaching.


The unpacking and settling in continues, but St. Dominic Priory already feels like home.  On a walk through the priory we see boxes in the hallways and the common spaces, pictures leaning against the wall.  We hear the sounds of construction coming from the chapel.  We smell those scents of new carpet and new furniture.  And we all have the feeling that we are blessed to be the group of friars that made the transition from Jesuit Hall to St. Dominic Priory.  We are the first group of friars that gets to tell others; Welcome to our home!