Three New Dominican Priests



On Saturday, May 14th, 2011, the Church and the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great celebrated with great joy three newly ordained priests, Fathers Joseph Minuth, Cassian Sama, and Dominic McManus.


Election of Candidates

Here Brothers Joseph, Cassian, and Dominic are called to ordination by the deacon of the Mass and presented to the Bishop that they are ready to be ordained by the Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Albert the Great, Fr. Michael Mascari, OP.



Promise of the Elect for the Priesthood

Here the Bishop examines the resolve of the elect for the priesthood to assume their ministry as priests.  Then the candidates kneel before the Bishop and promise respect and obedience to both the diocesan bishop and to their religious superior.



Laying on of Hands and Prayer of Ordination to the Priesthood

The bishop lays his hands upon the heads of the elect in silence, which is the matter of the sacrament of ordination. Then, all the priests present lay hands upon the elect as a sign of fraternity and solidarity.



Anointing of Hands and Handing Over of the Bread and Wine

After the newly ordained are vested for the first time as priests, the Bishop anoints the palms of each of the newly ordained. 



The gifts of bread and wine from the faithful are presented to the newly ordained.  Each of the three mothers of the newly ordained brings up the bread and wine to the Bishop to give to each of the newly ordained. The Bishop then concludes the Rite of Ordination by giving the newly ordained the fraternal kiss.  Likewise, the priests in the sanctuary give the newly ordained the fraternal kiss.

Congratulations to Fathers Joseph Minuth, OP, Cassian Sama, OP, and Dominic McManus, OP! May we continue to pray for them, so that they may be filled with the grace to become the priests the Lord desires them to become.