The Courage to Obey

We all have gifts; some we learn and some come naturally.  And with these gifts come a choice.  Will we use them for the benefit of others, or simply to benefit ourselves?  “The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue,” says the servant.  And the servant uses that gift in order to comfort and encourage the weary.  The Lord God speaks and the servant hears.  The servant hears and obeys.  He says, “I have not rebelled, have not turned back.”

I can do that.  I have the time and I know what to do.  I can even teach others how to do it.  But for some reason I don’t.  Perhaps I’m too lazy, or I’m not as good as I think I am.  There will be someone else that comes along that can do it way better than me.

There are countless reasons that we can come up with to not share our gifts.  The servant was not always welcome, he was beaten and spat upon, and even his beard was plucked.  But he persevered.  He had courage.  When the Lord God commanded, the servant obeyed.  We have that small voice, our guardian angel, the Holy Spirit, our friends to encourage us, to tell us something that we may not fully know about ourselves.  God’s will for us may seem like a mystery, but if we allow God to freely participate in our lives the doubt and uncertainty will fade away.  It is through prayer that we can come to know God’s will for us, God’s plan for us and for our gifts.  As we draw close to Easter let Jesus be our example.  Jesus suffered and died in obedience to his father.  May we use our gifts wisely in obedience to our heavenly Father.