Keeping God’s Covenant Throughout the Ages

“I am making…”  “I will maintain…”  “I will make…”  “I will give…”  “I will be…”  God is active, and he has much in store for us.  But we also have a role to play; we must keep God’s covenant throughout the ages.  We must remain faithful.  We often say to each other and to ourselves phrases like, “God will provide,” or “It’s in God’s hands now.”  The truth is that God has always provided and that it is always in God’s hands.  The truth is that sometimes we have faith, and sometimes we don’t.

Big changes are in store for Abram.  His name is changing to Abraham.  He is going to become an important man, a father to a host of nations.  He will father kings, gain a great land, but more importantly, Abraham will have God watching over it all.  We too go through great changes.  We go off to college, we start a new job, we get married, we move to a different city, we have children.  God is with us through these changes.  We are not alone.  The great things that God has in store for us are found when we look to God, when we have faith that God will always be there, in times of difficulty and in times of joy.

What do we do when we go through major changes?  Do we ask God for help in understanding or do we simply ignore the fact that God is working in our lives?  Few of us will receive the clear, direct message that Abraham received.  Few of us are able to say that God told me directly in a clear voice that I was to become a husband, a wife, a doctor, a priest.  The majority of us fall into the category of Abraham’s descendants.  We must remain faithful, we must keep God’s covenant.  God is present around us in the people in our lives, our friends and family, our short-term acquaintances, and even in the challenges that we face.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit guide us in our life, let us not forget to keep the faith.