Trusting in the Healing Lord

In today’s reading we witness a man of extraordinary faith, trust, and courage.  A royal official, who perhaps had enough money to send his child to the best physician in King Herod’s court, but went to seek help from a lowly carpenter instead.  This brave man risked everything for his son’s life. Perhaps he may have heard about Jesus’s power to heal and he wanted to experience it for himself.  He said to Jesus, “Sir, come down before my child dies.”  He asked Jesus to heal his son, simply because he recognized the power that he has to heal. Jesus said to him, “You may go; your son will live.”  Jesus recognized that this man had true faith and trusted in his power to heal.  After all, he had the courage to travel for miles to search for Jesus. His faith moved him to seek Jesus Christ the miracle worker.  He broke through barrier of shame and fear of being ridiculed by the other soldiers.  Nonetheless, his trust and faith helped him to move beyond the sin of fear and disbelief.  His faith and persistence paid off—he was sent home with the assurance that his son be healed.  The action of Jesus confirms the depth of God’s love for us.
If we sincerely trust in the Lord, he will not disappoint us.  If we trust and wait patiently our reward will bear fruit.  As the Palmist once said, “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart,” (27:14).   If there is anything we could learn from the royal official, it is to trust in the Lord, have faith in Lord and believe in the words of God.  God never fails us; never doubt the power of God. 
Throughout this Lenten season, Jesus invites us once more to restore our hope, faith, trust and love in God our merciful, most kind, and ever loving Father.   I implore you my dear friends in Christ, to think about those areas in your life, where you need to experience love, mercy, and healing.  If you seek the Lord, like the royal official, with trust and strong faith, he will not fail your heart’s desire.