The Greatest Story Ever Told

Carry the Pocket Gospels and Acts of the Apostles with you, and keep the Word of God as your constant guide and inspiration!


In April, Pope Francis handed out thousands of pocket-sized copies of the Gospels and Acts. He asked the faithful to read a passage every day, saying, “This is the word of Jesus!”


Take it with you and read it anytime you have a few minutes during the day. On the bus! Waiting for an appointment! Anytime!


The above is from the USCCB’s website for its contest to give away 250 Gospels to a parish.  There are still three days left so if you still have not nominated a parish there is still time!


What does it mean to carry the Gospels with you?  I think that this is a great idea.  The Gospel will be right at your fingertips.  Instead of watching you tube videos or playing candy crush, you can read the word of God.  Also, the very act of reading the Gospel helps you grow in faith.  And reading the Gospel in public, that very action, is a way of evangelizing, sharing the Gospel, to others.


We do this all the time, perhaps you recognize some of these.

What a great idea to literally share the Gospel with others.  If someone asks you what you’re reading you can start of by telling them, “the Greatest Story Ever Told.”  What does it mean to you to carry the Gospels?